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Top 100 Disney RPG Sites

Rank Site Rating In Out
1 Disney Conquest
8.57 37 10
Welcome to Conquest, a Disney roleplay where canon and fan characters are thrown into a four faction war, for glory and revenge. This is an open-world roleplay. Comments
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2 Long Live Evil
10.00 15 15
Long Live Evil is an advanced role-playing forum set in an alternate version of the TV movie Descendants from Disney. Come join the next generation of Heroes and Villains Comments
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3 The Pride Lands' Guard
8.60 14 5
A canon roleplay forum based upon the Disney series The Lion Guard, set within the larger Lion King 'verse. Comments
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4 Nemare Academy for Gentlemen and Gentlewomen v2.0
9.00 6 7
In a world in which childhood innocence is fading faster than ever before... some people know that fairytales are real. Nemare Academy is an animation personification boarding school rp! Comments
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5 Disney World of War
7.00 6 24
A massive open world set in Disney universe which blends many shows and movies together. Build alliances and enemies, participate in this thrilling war based roleplay! Comments
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